Rainbow Choker
Sterling silver with zirconia choker necklace 40 cm adjustable  Silver 925
Trio Juliette Fake Piercing
Sterling silver fake piercing  Silver 925
Heart Necklace
Sterling silver Necklace 45 cm  Silver 925
Pink Quartz Choker
Sterling Silver with pink quartz natural gemstone choker  necklace 40cm adjustable  Silver 925
Crystal Necklace II
Sterling Silver with crystal natural gemstone necklace 60cm Silver 925
Heart Greek Eye Choker
Colour: Light Blue
Sold Out
Greek Eye Bracelet
Colour: White
Pink Quartz Hoop Earrings
Sterling Silver with pink quartz natural gemstone hoop earrings Silver 925
Ametista Hoop Earring
Sterling Silver with amethyst natural gemstone hoop earrings Silver 925
Chakras Earrings
Sterling silver earrings - 14cm Silver 925 
Juliette Earrings
Sterling Silver Earrings  Silver 925
Julia Necklace
Sterling silver necklace 45 cm with zirconia Silver 925
Pet Mummy Necklace
Sterling silver Necklace 45 cm with zirconia Silver 925
Atenna Earrings
Sterling silver earrings  Silver 925
Sold Out
Green Zirconia Hoop Earring
Sterling silver hoops earrings with zirconia 14 mm Silver 925
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